Head & Neck Cancers

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These are cancers originating in the mouth (oral cavity), throat (pharynx, larynx), sinuses, salivary glands, and thyroid.

Most of these cancers require surgery as the primary modality of treatment. We perform the whole spectrum of surgeries in these cancers and are a tertiary center for revision surgeries and more advanced work. These surgeries are often mutilating and hence good reconstruction plays an important role.

We have a dedicated team of reconstructive surgeons doing varied procedures including micro vascular surgery to provide best cosmesis and functional results.

In selected patients of throat cancer, a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is advised to conserve the larynx (voice box) as the primary modality.

We have used monoclonal antibodies in select few of our patients of head & neck cancers in combination with other modalities giving excellent responses and long-term control.