Breast Cancer

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  One of the most extensively researched cancers in the world is breast cancer.
  Investigation and treatment are catered to the individual needs. Facilities for


Tru cut biopsy under USG or mammographic guidance.

Stereotactic wire guided excisions can be carried out.

Standard and digital mammography.

MRI with a dedicated breast coil is routinely done.

  Surgical Options:

Mastectomies with Axillary Node management is done by sentinel node or node sampling in clinically negative axillae.

Those with obvious nodal disease would get a complete axillary dissection preferably with preservation of one or two intercostobrachial nerves so as to reduce morbidity.


Molecular Marker studies are done on the tumor to help plan adjuvant therapy.


Monoclonal antibody therapy, and

Hormonal therapy.

Radiation facilities have with high quality linear accelerators using IMRT as well as IGRT machines.


Options of an external prosthesis or a simultaneous or delayed reconstruction can be
carried out.

Reconstruction is done either using silicon prosthesis with or without an additional muscle flap, or a TRAM flap (muscle and fat taken from the lower abdomen and transposed to the breast).

Physiotherapy and

Occupational therapy aids with the rehabilitation and arrangement for wigs, external prosthesis can be made.