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Dr. Amish V. Dalal
Surgical & Gynecologic Oncologist


Dr. Amish Dalal is a surgical & gynecologic oncologist involved in the management of cancer patients since 1986. Although he is adapt at the management of any of the solid tumours he has a special interest in breast,

gynecologic, urologic, colorectal and thyroid cancers. Since 2001 he has been performing oncologic surgeries laparoscopically in patients when applicable. He is an attending oncologist at Breach Candy Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, and Parsee General Hospital.


Presently Consultant Surgical Oncologist at:

  • Breach Candy Hospital, Bombay

  • Jaslok Hospital, Bombay

  • Bhatia General Hospital, Bombay

  • Parsee General Hospital, Bombay

Areas of Expertise:

  • Surgical Oncology

  • Cancer Surgery


Dr. Amish V. Dalal
features in the list of Top Surgeons (Oncology)
in Mumbai

I have a special interest in breast diseases, gynecologic cancers, colorectal cancers and urologic cancers. I have been managing these by giving an overall plan of management and then undertaking their surgery as and when indicated. The surgery has been by the “open” method as well as laparoscopically as and when technically feasible, obviously keeping oncology principles in mind.

I am now excited to be able to now offer “Robotic surgery” as a further surgical option in the care of your patients. This method of surgery has many advantages over the conventional open and laparoscopic methods, when used in appropriately selected patients. The surgery is done with high degree of precision, as there is a 10X magnification combined with 3D view while operating (you can see the magnified view on the screen in the OT). The pain is considerably lesser due to the specifics in this technology and hence the overall recovery and rehabilitation is rapid. The only point of concern in this option is the cost factor. The high expense of the disposable instruments and accessories required along with the high capital cost of “robot” per se makes this method of surgery approximately Rs 120,000 more than the other methods.

Presently Saifee Hospital has acquired one of the 3rd generation robotic systems. I have been lucky in having received my basic and advanced training in Seoul, South Korea at the Asan Medical center and the Yonsei Cancer Center on the same system.

At the moment I would offer this option to patients with cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, colon and rectal cancers, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney tumors and oesophageal cancers. Although indications of surgery do not change, some patients with these cancers would fit certain criteria to be amenable for this approach.

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